Phoque Sakes EP

by Phoque Sakes

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1. Area 51
2. Drowning
3. Galaxy
4. Urge

Mix and mastered by Xavier Richard


released March 6, 2014

Jesse Jomphe - Vocals
Nicolas Boudreau - Guitar
Franz Mecking - Guitar
Olivier Martel - Bass
Normand Pothier - Drums



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Phoque Sakes Moncton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Area 51
Distances traveled in the blink, the blink of an eye
Warping through their minds, un-attatched from reality
Discovery, looming on the edge
Choices have been made
Now it's time to take mankind
Experiments, darkly twisting minds
Searching hidden secrets inside
Time does not confine
Their actions slowly turning against all they can find

Patience now lost, we turn the tide
Oceans now rise
We shall begin to skin their hides
Fear flows through all
They cannot hide
Our machines decimate completely
There is no remorse

We are going to die
Please don't... Stop it! FUCK!!!!!
No one can hear our cries
Nowhere to fly

Now we ride
There's no place to hide
Humans will subside
All their flesh is melting
Families will feed tonight
Menacing, though it seems to be, it will set you free
Offsprings need a nesting ground
When they are born, they will crawl around and eat the melted flesh to be found
Time does not confine
Their actions slowly turning against all they can find

Something went wrong It cannot be
Some other beings came and took care of humanity
We must retreat before we die
The nearest planet is our only way by
Track Name: Drowning
Always remember to breathe

Air so thin none remain
Your thoughts vacate
Courage is strained
Don't you ever be frightened

There's comfort in death
Topped with some pain Immense loss of breath

No escape for the stray
Few who realize they'll just have to stay
And adjust to the lies

Close your eyes to find that you're about to drown
They took away the truth
Repress your desperate cries

But there must be a way to avoid decay
The effort is gone
You begin to drown

Nothing to fear, but fear itself
The truth is that you're drowning
The distance to the surface shrouded by the darkness
Track Name: Galaxy
Hordes of slaughter are approaching
The symphony of death awaits it's cue
They will kill everything
Starting with you

The ashes will spread over the stars
The sky will paint a picture for it's creator
I am no peace keeper
Merely it's destroyer
Welcome the Anomaly

As we approach the end of time, this slaughter will echo through the galaxy
Track Name: Urge
How i wish my memory would cease to be a paradox
You see, what makes it stronger fades with time
But what makes it so true needs some space in between
Let me explain (cannot be unseen) I don't know... I have made a discovery
More of a realization that has blinded my mind for the time being

Something happens

Vagueness is permitted
This isn't a comfort zone
What happens then?
Clarity/cloud-free day
Sun shining through, remember: it is no problem
The clouds have parted
Time is what kills everything

But it hasn't got it's greedy hands on this thing yet, for now
Just revel in your capacity
Only to imagine it with no difficulty
Try to explain your feelings and thoughts
But now the vagueness returns to haunt
You can't the realization is hopefully complete
What eventually kills also helps to grow

Memories are like flowers
Don't ask which ones I don't know the right seasons
Blue clear days aren't enough
Clouds and rain are needed for them